DVIDS – News – Culinary Specialist School “A” at Petaluma Training Center spearheads Culinary Apprenticeship Program

The Petaluma Training Center is home to the US Coast Guard Cooking School! Fleet Culinary Specialists (CS) are trained in all culinary skills required by the Coast Guard.
TRACEN Petaluma epitomized “readiness” by taking quick action to identify candidates capable of an assessment learning program that incorporated students’ prior experiences and education to accelerate student success and course completion. CS “A” school.
“Previous education enhances training and prior experience pays off as we streamline training programs by taking cooks (an already stressed note) with degrees through abbreviated training to get them out of the fleet” said Lt. Rahnal Harris, Operations Training Division. Chef at TRACEN Petaluma. “It reduces the amount of training students need from the Coast Guard, gives them credit for what they know, allows them to advance to the rank of noncommissioned officer, and builds a strong cook and well trained for these small units.”
The first CS “A” 03-22 school class began on August 30 with six students, three students had degrees in culinary arts, paving the way for a new way of training. With a new target audience, CS School staff developed a rigorous six-week course where students were assessed on all 113 performance goals in three weeks and built their stamina over two weeks in the Galley production creating more 700 meals a day.
The Accelerated Skills Assessment yielded superb results where collectively the three students achieved 110 performance goals during the first assessment, three required coaching and reassessment, all of which were achieved while this fast-moving machine was on the move.
Students noted that they enjoyed the pace of the program and the opportunity to pilot this new approach and were able to demonstrate proficiency in all skills with minimal remedial training.
SNCS Patrick Snyder, a recent graduate of the program, commented on his experience in the program “The biggest takeaway was getting to know how to cook and prepare Coast Guard meals and I really enjoyed the fast pace of the course….there was never a dull moment.I took away a lot.I didn’t know I could learn much more but it really proved to me that in the culinary industry , we always keep learning.
In their pursuit, in addition to working on soft skills, they cook daily for the entire training population and staff. That can be up to around 1000 people every day, phew… The mix of skill work and hands-on service results in around 180 culinary specialists, each year, ready to enter the fleet and look after the morale and happiness of their shipmates with food.
CS School staff continue to innovate and aim to fully benchmark CS requirements against American Culinary Federation certification standards to support the effective application of current and future monetary incentives by attracting skilled civilians in this essential workforce.

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