Durham Bulls Athletic Park serves as an alternate training site for the Tampa Bay Rays ahead of the playoffs :: WRALSportsFan.com

Durham Bulls Athletic Park serves as the Rays’ alternate training site this weekend. Their normal spring training facility in Port Charlotte, Florida was damaged during Hurricane Ian.

“Just to keep these guys ready. We’re here to do the cogs of baseball. Keep your legs. Keep your arm ready. And make sure you get your swings in the batting cage,” said the Bulls manager Brady. Williams.

Players worked on setting up ground balls, catching fly balls and perfecting their swings into the batting cages. Each player focused on the basics to keep their minds and bodies prepared should that dream call ever occur.

Williams said: “I just know how long and how hard they’ve worked for this moment. It’s emotional. A lot of things come into play. The family members, the coaches, the Little League coaches , the high school coaches. Everyone who helped this player.”

Williams and the Bulls coaching staff will do everything possible to prepare these players to be ready for the big leagues. When Williams gets to tell a player he’s going to the Show, it’s one of the most rewarding moments of the job.

“Sometimes it happens quickly. You’re only told after the game. There were times when you think about how you’re going to do it. You want it to be the right time for that player because ‘it’s such a powerful moment.’

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