Denzel Washington’s Iconic “King Kong” Line Adlibbed Training Day

Training Day features one of Denzel Washington’s most acclaimed performances, and he added the famous “King Kong” line from the finale.

Denzel Washington added one of training day most famous lines, “Kong Kong doesn’t give a fuck about me!training day is a 2001 action-thriller starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, the latter playing a rookie narcotics officer working with veteran Washington detective Alonzo Harris. As the day progresses, Harris forces Hawke’s Jake to cross more and more moral lines, and the latter begins to realize that Alonzo is more of a monster than the criminals they are supposed to be hunting.

training day – which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021 – received near-universal praise upon its release, with kudos centered on the stellar work of Washington and Hawke. Washington is no stranger to getting good reviews, but he’s since admitted that Harris was his favorite character while his turn later won him an Oscar. Hawke is equally important to training day, however, as his naivety is slowly swept away as he realizes the depth of Harris’ corruption. The film also features an excellent storyline of the future suicide squad helmsman David Ayer and energetic direction by Antoine Fuqua.


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training day provides Washington with fantastic dialogue and scenes. Throughout the highly quoted training day, it is revealed that Harris has installed Jake and tested how far he is willing to go. When he realizes that Jake will never fully agree with Harris’ brand of policing, he sets him up to be killed, but Jake escapes and confronts his mentor. After their vicious fight spills onto the streets, the entire neighborhood – which has lived in fear of Alonzo for years – refuses to help him. Jake takes the money that was intended by Alonzo to pay off a big debt to the Russian mob, Harris launches into an epic rant against the neighborhood, cumulating with the adlibbed of Denzel Washington”Kong Kong doesn’t give a fuck about me!” line.

king kong training day denzel washington

Of course, this training day moment is the one that proves that Alonzo has finally lost. After so many years of using and abusing his power, this is the moment he realizes he has lost his grip on power. Despite his delusions, he almost comes across as a pathetic figure, made worse by the fact that his young son is there to witness his downfall. Adlibbed by Denzel Washington”Kong Kong doesn’t give a fuck about me!is particularly inspired right now because it’s a clash between how he wants to be seen – an unstoppable monster – and how the people he once terrorized see him now.

Washington charged his training day performance with these nuances, and his adlib shows that he had Alonzo’s state of mind perfectly under control. Given the film’s ending, Washington won’t be returning for a sequel, although a training day The TV series arrived in 2017. It was canceled after one season when star Bill Paxton tragically died following surgery. There is also talk of a training day prequel to the film, which will follow a young Alonzo Harris during the Los Angeles riots.

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