Deakin University signs $5 million contract to develop ADF training system

The government has signed a $5.13 million contract with Deakin University to continue development of an augmented and virtual naval firefighting system for the Australian Defense Force.

Deakin researchers, in partnership with technology companies Kellogg, Brown & Root and FLAIM, will seek to develop an immersive training system for naval firefighting, combining virtual reality and augmented reality with artificial intelligence.

Defense Industry Minister Melissa Price said the investment could significantly improve the ADF’s naval firefighting training capability.

“Deakin University’s new system will provide the ADF with a more diverse and realistic range of naval firefighting and training options that could significantly improve learning outcomes and safety,” the minister said. Price.

“This investment highlights the innovative research and development that Australian sovereign industry is capable of producing and exporting.”

Victoria Senator Sarah Henderson said the contract will build on Deakin’s international reputation for innovative research and excellence.

“Deakin University has executed over 165 contracts with the Australian Department of Defense, underscoring the important role institutions in our region can play in driving innovation and generating cutting-edge capabilities in support of the ADF “Senator Henderson said.

“This contract follows the signing of the billion dollar agreement between Hanwha Defense Australia and the government to produce howitzers for the Australian military, cementing our region’s position at the forefront of the Australian defense industry for decades to come.”

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