Data Security Breach Reported in Sedgwick County Election Officer Training System

An investigation has discovered a security flaw in a software system used to hire and train Sedgwick County election workers.

County Elections Commissioner Angela Caudillo reported the violation to county commissioners in March, and she told commissioners on Wednesday that it happened in the EZ Vote project management software. She said it is used to hire and train election workers and schedule election supplies, and is not connected to voting systems, equipment or the voter registration database. .

Caudillo said the investigation determined that an unauthorized person accessed certain files in an online storage system. She said there were files that contained personal information for election workers, including Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers. A notification letter is sent to affected workers with an offer of credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Caudillo said she was asking EZ Vote to include workers who had a partial Social Security number that was exposed.

Caudillo told commissioners that all files on election workers had been moved to a secure location and his office was working to permanently delete those files.

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