Bugsnax: Training Day Quest Guide

Gramble is an interesting character in Bugsnax, as he is the only one of the Grumpus who chooses not to consume the creatures. Instead, he loves and cares for them as pets as he raises them on his ranch. That’s why any mission with Gramble is more unique than most other characters in the game.

Gramble is responsible for giving the player the Buggy Ball, which is a Strabby in a ball that players can guide with a laser pointer. Although there is a main mission in Bugnax which involves using a Buggy Ball to guide a creature out of an area, the “Training Day” quest in the “Gramble Grows His Horde” side quest series takes ball guiding to another level.


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How to unlock the quest

To get there, the players will have had to bring Gramble back to Snaxburg. He can be found in Simmering Springs after completing the main Filbo and Wambus questlines, as well as Beffica’s Journal. After finding it, there are seven individual objectives the player must complete to get it back to town.

Once in town, players can interrogate him and then begin his series of side quests. The first side quest, “Empty Nest”, can be completed by donating six Bugsnax of any type to the Gramble Ranch. This will not only unlock the “Training Day” quest, but it will also open up more space in the player’s inventory to catch more Bugsnax. Players will need to bring Triffany back from Scorched Gorge to start “Training Day”.

How to complete the quest

To begin the side quest, players will see Gramble in his backyard talking to a Kweeble named Charwee. He struggles to train Charwee to come to him using his pointer. He asks if the player can use Sprout (the Buggy Ball) to help with training. The quest is simple in writing: Use the Buggy Ball to guide Charwee to the finish.

However, it is a little more difficult than that. Players will first need to remember cover the Buggy Ball with chocolate as Charwee wouldn’t follow otherwise. Next, players will need to guide Charwee through an obstacle course that includes dodging Grumpus along the way. Players will also be stuck on hut roofs and will not be allowed to jump.

The start of the obstacle course requires players to guide the Ball Buggy through Triffany’s tent as she darts back and forth. After that, the hardest part of the obstacle course is to avoid attracting the attention of Filbo, Wiggle and Beffica as they stand around the fire area. If players get their attention, they might attempt to break the Buggy Ball.

Luckily, if that happens, the Buggy Ball will restart in the area and Charwee won’t move, but be sure to re-spray the ball with chocolate. After passing all three Grumpus, players will need to traverse Wambus’ farm with Wambus going back and forth. If Sprout dodges it, players should be safe to guide Charwee to the Gramble Ranch.

Bugnax is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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