BHS Woodshop Students Build Equipment for BPS Training Center – The Post-Searchlight

Bainbridge Public Safety recently completed installation of its new training academy in what was once John Johnson Elementary School. However, the actual props that will be used in the academy, rather than being purchased from a vendor or warehouse, came from a much more local source.

The props, which consist of items such as a faux door and window, a chain-link fence obstacle, and a staircase, were built by Greg Harrell’s Carpentry Shop class and Mark’s Farm Mechanic class. Lashley.

“We were contacted by Frank Green to build the new training academy,” Harrell said.

According to Harrell, it took them about two weeks to build the eight props, with his shop classes handling the most wood-based items, while farm mechanic students welded the necessary ironwork.

Different classes received different assignments. “My elders built the stairs, which were quite detailed,” he said. “There’s a lot of math involved in that, a lot of carpentry skills involved in that. My freshman built the walls, the little hedge walls that are only 30 inches high. Sophomores built a chain-link fence wall, while juniors built window and door support.

When asked what his students thought of the projects, he replied, “It’s what we do every day, so it’s just another day’s work.” Harrell suggested that BPS probably saved between $3,000 and $4,000 from the work of the shop team, by only supplying them with the materials. It’s not the first time the classes have built things for law enforcement, having built lockers for K-9 Kenzo to practice finding drugs, as well as an air-conditioned kennel system. for the BHS K-9. “We partner with just about anyone in the community who asks us. We do a lot of community projects.

“We appreciate that Bainbridge Public Safety has confidence in our ability to do this and in partnership with them,” Harrell said.

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