Beijer Ref opens CO2 training center in Sydney

Global HVAC&R wholesaler and manufacturer Beijer Ref has partnered with Superior Training Centre, an Australian education provider, to offer the only nationally accredited CO in Australia.2 (R744) at the brand new Beijer Ref Academy in Sydney.

The custom-built facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art CO system2 technology that provides Australian technicians and installers with accredited training in operating R744-based refrigeration systems in different configurations, according to a recent statement from Beijing Ref. This includes live simulation performance in all applications and weather conditions.

“This is an important step forward in the upskilling of CO technicians.2 systems technology,” said Antonis Siamas, head trainer at Superior Training Centre. “The training combines theory and practice, and the technicians work on the latest equipment within the Beijer Ref Academy.”

“This is an important step forward in the upskilling of CO technicians.2 systems technology. Training combines theory and practice, and technicians work on the latest equipment within the Beijer Ref Academy.

Antonis Siamas, Higher Education Center.

Upon successful completion of the centre’s two-day course, trainees receive certification covering safety awareness and knowledge of legal CO requirements.2 refrigerant, and a second certification for the repair and maintenance of CO2 refrigeration systems. All course components are delivered within the Beijer Ref Academy, and accreditation is authorized by the Superior Training Center and registered against the technician’s unique student identifier.

The academy has already started offering courses. “I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot,” said Tom Harkness, Service Manager at Redtech Commercial Refrigeration, a recent attendee. “It was so good to do the hands-on components and see all the different racks at the Beijer Ref facilities. This accreditation will mean a lot to me and our business in the future.

future CO2 The dates for the systems training courses are September 6-7 and 27-28, October 11-12 and November 1-2, and all registration and fee inquiries should be directed to [email protected]

According to Inderpal Saund, Sales Manager and Business Development Manager – APAC at SCM REF Australia, an OEM and subsidiary of Beijer Ref, this is a great opportunity for companies and technicians to prepare for the future that the use of CO2 keep going up.

In addition to its new factory in Sydney, Biejer Ref has training centers in Padau (Italy), Lyon (France), Wuxi (China) and Bangkok (Thailand). The company aims to have six academies worldwide by 2023.

Beijer Ref is one of the largest refrigeration wholesalers in the world and comprises a network of over 1,200 suppliers, including SCM Frigo, an Italian manufacturer of CO2systems based on.

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