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Last Saturday, Bega Cheese, NSW Fire and Rescue and Volunteer Rescue Association collaborated on an emergency response training day at Ridge St. This gave firefighters and the Bega Cheese management team an opportunity to meet staff from FRNSW and VRA, showing them around the plant and highlighting the preventative measures the company has in place. Bega Cheese also received excellent advice to further improve safety standards in the factory. The day included group tours, followed by a Q&A session, and then training activities such as radio protocol, emergency control panel actions, and use of the spill kit. READ ALSO: Two rescues in two hours for Bega flood response teams on Friday Bega Cheese said it is proud to work with these organizations to ensure it remains proactive in protecting employees , assets and community. “Fire and Rescue and the VRA provide fantastic services to our local communities,” the company said. “Their experience in times of crisis has saved many lives and protected countless assets. “Their skills and experience are the result of many hours of training as well as direct engagement on the front line when the going gets tough. “Bega Cheese is committed to providing a safe workplace and preparing for emergencies is a critical part of our safety management strategy.” Fire & Rescue and VRA have directly assisted Bega Cheese and its stakeholders in the past. Many Bega Cheese employees have been directly involved in these two important organizations. “On behalf of everyone at Bega Cheese, we would like to thank the dedicated individuals who serve through Fire & Rescue and VRA. We wish these champions in our community a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy and Relaxing New Year’s Break.”


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