Battle Bunker Forms Partnership with Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

CHULA VISTA, Calif., August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For many, taking the risk to new heights is a tough decision, and with execution comes new challenges. For the Battle Bunker, the brand is all about taking risks, as the company has taken the next step by partnering with the Chula Vista Elite Training Center. The Battle Bunker is a veteran-founded fitness show that plans to expand the brand with fitness competitions.

“While Battle Bunker is dedicated to creating inspirational fitness series content, this partnership would mean we have a great location for physical events,” says austen alexanderfounder of the Battle Bunker.

The story behind Battle Bunker

The Battle Bunker produces challenge videos that take athletes, professions and creators through rigorous military-style fitness events to inspire viewers to find excuses and be their best every day.

austen alexanderthe founder, built an obstacle course consisting of 9 obstacles in the deserts of California after his release from the US Navy in 2020. “If you build it, they’ll fight” is central to Austen’s thinking behind building the first course. He mentions this because he wasn’t sure if the athletes would want to come to class or even if the series would work.

The Battle Bunker faced challenges early on. Since the business model is production-based for Youtube, platforms sometimes change, resulting in dips or spikes in viewership. But with 21 episodes and just over 17,000,000 views across all platforms, the Battle Bunker has room to become a better slot. Thanks to the partnership with the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, they now have access to hotels, cafeterias, showers, offices and spaces to build their new obstacle course. It’s something they’ve never had before.

A deeper meaning

Chula Vista has a 155-acre Olympic training facility with hills, tracks, fields and archery ranges. Within its perimeter, and with the Battle Bunker partnership, it will incorporate a 22 obstacle course that will test both endurance and strength. The number “22” is significant in the veteran community because it is the average number of veterans who experience mental health issues every day. The Battle Bunker is deeply rooted in the military community, so it’s an anchor to which the new course will bring awareness.

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SOURCE The Combat Bunker

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