Atlas and Education Day prequel among projects approved for California tax credit

Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Atlas and one training day The Warner Bros. prequel is among 30 projects selected to benefit from California’s tax credit system and is expected to bring in an estimated $1.17 billion in production spending in the state.

The latest batch of feature films approved under the state’s film and television tax credit program includes 19 independent titles and 11 studio titles. Of the $1.17 billion, some $774 million comes from “qualified” spending, defined as wages for workers below the line and payments to state suppliers. Only the qualifying portion of each project’s budget is eligible for tax credits under the California incentive program.

by Netflix Atlas is a sci-fi thriller starring Jennifer Lopez and received $20.5 million. The streamer also has Beverly Hills Cop 4 with Eddie Murphy, who was accepted into an advance and reapplied tax credit award for the current round of film credits and received $16.1 million. Netflix also has Not frosteda $14.2 million Pop Tart project by Jerry Seinfeld, and comedy by Jennifer Garner Family To leave, awarded $9.4 million. The list includes Warner Bros’ training day prequel, Training day: Day of Riotwhich received $9.1 million.

The office of California Film Commission executive director Colleen Bell said the 30 projects will employ approximately 4,564 crew members, 1,212 actors and 48,646 background/stand-in actors, the latter measured in “days- man”. They will also generate significant post-production jobs and revenue for California VFX artists, sound editors, sound mixers, musicians and other workers/suppliers.

The projects will represent a total of 1,095 shooting days in the state, with 327 or nearly 30% scheduled outside of the 30-mile Los Angeles studio zone, the most out-of-zone shooting days for any series of history projects. of the tax credit program.

The film commission received 76 applications during the January 24-31 feature film tax credit application period. It has earmarked $149.2 million in project tax credit allocation. The list is subject to change as applicants may withdraw from the tax credit program when their credit reservation would be reallocated to one or more projects on the waiting list.

The next feature application period will be July 18-25. The next application period for recurring and relocated TV series will be held from March 7 to 14.

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