Army plans day of diversity training for soldiers as tensions in Ukraine escalate

Confirming that there will be no impact on operations, Major General Paul Griffiths, Director of Army Personnel, said: “The culture of the British Army is built on strong values, high standards and a sense of belonging to an effective fighting force.

“Like any other professional organization, we continually strive to build stronger and more effective teams. On February 8, the Army will stop non-essential duties and really focus on developing the ideas and changes we all want to see in our service, to help make it the best possible place to build a career.

How the “Teamwork” operation will take shape

The five-part training program will be introduced by an address by Sir Mark, after which a series of vignettes, good and bad, will be used to spark a discussion about culture and what is appropriate in the modern armed forces.

Dubbed Operation Teamwork, the training day is seen as the first part of a new campaign by army commanders to eliminate obsolete thoughts and behaviors.

The effort comes after senior officers, including Sir Mark, were summoned last year by an ‘enraged’ Ben Wallace, the Defense Secretary, to face a series of assaults, intimidation and beatings. benefit fraud.

It was the first time the Army Council, the army’s executive committee that normally meets twice a year for routine business, had been instructed to run for such a reason.

The move follows a Defense Sub-Committee report released last year – led by Sarah Atherton, Conservative MP for Wrexham – that found 64 per cent of female veterans and 58 per cent of currently serving women were victims of bullying, harassment or discrimination. during their career.

‘Virtue Signaling Exercise’

Colonel Richard Kemp, the former head of British forces in Afghanistan, criticized the plan, telling The Sun it was an “exercise in navel-gazing and signaling virtue”.

It came as Boris Johnson visited Kyiv on Tuesday amid growing tensions with Russia, which has stationed 127,000 troops north of the Ukrainian border.

The prime minister on Saturday offered NATO 900 additional troops and a battery of deep-fire rockets to deploy to Estonia.

The current battle group, which was due to withdraw, will remain in place, bringing the British contingent to over 1,800 men.

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