Amentum lands military contract to develop prototype live training system

Paul Cummings, Amentum

Amentum has been awarded an agreement to develop a prototype of its Force-on-Force synthetic training environment live training system solution by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Training. instrumentation using the Training and Readiness Accelerator consortium.

Under the other transaction authority, Amentum will implement new sensor-based technologies directly on the weapon and create a prototype of the next generation of force-on-force training.

“As part of this agreement, we are developing solutions that help the military exceed its modernization and training requirements,” said Paul Cummings, vice president of transformational training at Amentum. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to revolutionize live training systems for our fighters, improving their efficiency and interoperability.”

Amentum leads a team of federal technology and service providers, including FN America, Cole Engineering Systems, Cornet Technologies and SoarTech. Together, the team’s sensor-based technology combines integrated optics with computer vision software that mounts to the rail of a weapon system. It provides trainers and drill control officers with real-time feedback of the shooter’s performance.

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