AirAsia India chooses CAE’s AI-powered training system

MONTREAL – AirAsia India in Bengaluru, India needed a simulator training system. They found their solution at CAE in Montreal. AirAsia India and CAE announced their collaboration to integrate the CAE Rise training system into the airline’s simulator training program.

CAE Rise uses analytics to provide real-time data during training sessions while empowering instructors with information that allows them to objectively assess a pilot’s technical skills and performance. AirAsia and CAE have been working together since 2014 on pilot training at CAE network training centers.

Launched in 2018, the CAE Rise training system helps translate simulator training data into valuable information for instructors and training managers. This new training system compares independent sources to build confidence in the quality of scoring data. In addition to monitoring compliance with SOPs, CAE Rise increases each instructor’s ability to identify pilot skill gaps and evolve training programs to the most advanced aviation safety standards, including AQP, ATQP methodologies and EBT.

“This collaboration uniquely incorporates CAE’s distinct characteristics, which enable a more robust data-driven training program for our pilots,” said Captain Manish Uppal, Chief Operating Officer, AirAsia India. “At AirAsia India, we continue to be at the forefront of integrating technology and ensuring that safety is paramount in all aspects of our training and operations.”

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