Action on migration and training system must be at the top Jobs + Skills

Targeted skills and migration reform must be a key outcome of the jobs and skills summit.

The most recent data shows there are 480,100 vacancies while there are currently 473,600 Australians looking for work.

ABA Chief Executive Anna Bligh said the ABA supports increased immigration to address widespread labor shortages. Australia needs people at all skill levels, from basic to advanced.

Ms Bligh said: “Australian banks know that their small and medium business customers are being held back by labor shortages. Retailers need people to stack shelves, hospitality needs bartenders and chefs, farmers need pickers to harvest crops. It is a harsh reality that labor shortages are crippling businesses and hampering growth”.

“We must not ignore calls from small businesses across the country who are struggling to find workers to fill semi-skilled or unskilled positions that keep the economy going.”

Anna Bligh, ABA CEO

“At the advanced level, we know we have a severe shortage of high-tech skills. Analysis by the Digital Skills Organization shows that Australia needs an additional 60,000 digital professionals a year to meet growing demand, but we currently only see 10,000 students graduating in IT each year.

“We need to fill this void urgently. Skilled migrants equipped with advanced technical and digital skills can help increase productivity and improve the skills of our own workforce. »

“Australia is risking its global competitiveness if there is any complacency about migrating and training our people for the future.”

Like the rest of the economy, Australian banks need high-tech digital skills to provide cybersecurity, protect customers from fraud and continue the transition to a digital economy.

“Analysis by the Digital Skills Organization shows that Australia needs an additional 60,000 digital professionals a year to meet growing demand, but we are currently only seeing 10,000 students graduating in IT each year.”

The ABA advocates for a migration agenda that will address job and skills shortages through proposed initiatives including:

  • The government’s new agency, Jobs and Skills Australia, advises on the composition of the migration program to ensure that skills and migration policies complement each other.
  • An international campaign to promote that “Australia is open” and will not close.
  • Reconfigure pathways to permanent residency through Australia’s visa programs to make it easier for top talent to settle in Australia.
  • Accreditation system that better recognizes the skills and training provided in the workplace.

Ms Bligh said: “We need to attract and develop skills, jobs and capabilities in emerging areas of our economy to position Australia for growth and prosperity.”

“The Summit should strive to achieve practical short-term outcomes as well as generational outcomes to position the Australian economy for the future.”

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