Achieve better posture with this Hachiko Perfect Posture Trainer

You have a lot on your mind right now, and the sad, floating bag of skin you call a body is not one of them. You can eat like a child, but you’re a full adult with adult issues, like poor posture. the Hachiko perfect posture training system is a great way to stand up straight while performing your daily tasks.

Okay, if your back cracks like a big bag of brittle bones every time you move the wrong way, you might want to fix your posture with the Hachiko Perfect Posture Trainer. Ideal for those of us who are slouched, rushed, or hungry, this workout system conditions you in massage form. Every time you feel yourself pulling from your shitty posture, a gentle vibration activates, reminding you to sit down and take the day by the balls. As a bonus, it also counts the number of times you let yourself go back into slouching mode, so you can easily reduce that number over the days (think of it as a game with yourself as the price doesn’t feel geriatric or becoming too grumpy). The system is foolproof and requires the press of about a button to start.

And, because it’s all about you, the shoulder strap is fully adjustable, so your new back buddy will adapt and contort to your body (or someone else’s, if you’re). kind enough to share your new best-kept secret). Need to take it on the road? Great, back care is vital no matter where you roam. This trainer is completely portable, so you’ll never be without your back buddy. When you need to squeeze in more of a workout, just give this bad boy a quick top-up and you’re good to go.

Get the Hachiko perfect posture training system for $52.99 (reg. $60).

Prices subject to change.

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