A nuclear transport training site occurs in Arkansas

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about nuclear bombs, nuclear warhead testing, and possible nuclear war. But did you know that the Department of Energy has a nuclear transport training facility in Arkansas?

Yeah, it’s true, I was a bit blown away too! No pun intended. Covert military special ops are recruited for training that lasts up to 21 months at Fort Smith Arkansas at Fort Chaffee Army Base. Don’t worry, highways are usually closed or close to where a transport practice and tactical response is planned.
A convoy of semi-trailer trucks is accompanied by highly trained armed couriers and veterans who have extensive experience in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Jim Stipe Productions, Fun in Arkansas TV.

Their mission is to transport nuclear warheads from bomber bases, silos and underwater docks to weapons labs across the United States, ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination safely and without harm. incident. For more than 40 years, no cargo has ever been damaged or diverted by a terrorist group. The training exercises at Fort Chaffee are designed to focus on what to do if there was a terrorist group trying to steal a bomb. moreover, Fort Chaffee is no longer an active base but is used for many training exercises of all kinds.

The explosion of a nuclear bomb causing shock waves. Mixed media illustration.

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These high security trailers have what is called anti-shock systems, they are equipped with thick walls that emit immobilizing foam and axles that explode so that the trailer cannot be pulled in the event of a collision.

Job opportunities

The starting salary is $73,000 with overtime and the position is normally posted as Nuclear Material Courier on the usajobs.gov website. Training is at Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

About the National Nuclear Security Administration

The National Nuclear Security Administration oversees the transport of nuclear bombs and other materials across the United States. The United States possesses 4,018 nuclear warheads. About 450 are in underground silos in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and North Dakota.

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