4-H Clubs Host Officer Training Day | Clubs And Organizations

Members of the Hayfork Timberjacks 4-H Club and members of the Southern Trinity 4-H Club hosted the 2022-2023 Trinity County 4-H Officer Training Day on Saturday, October 22 at the 4-H Office, Trinity County Fairgrounds , Hayfork. Trainers included Ronie Millsap, Kenny Johnson, Michelle Gamlen and Dennis Johnson. UCANR Advisor Erin Paradis attended and brought new 4-H pencils to share.

A Connect Four activity started the day with prizes for successful players. Members of the Trinity Alps 4-H Club attended and learned various 4-H officer roles such as historian, journalist, and sergeant-at-arms. Historian trainer Michelle Gamlen and journalist trainer Kenny Johnson worked with Kaiya Trujillo to cover basic information she can use in her 4-H club’s new offices. sergeant. Weapons Coach Dennis Johnson and Youth Member Hudson Trujillo went over the basics of keeping a 4-H meeting running smoothly. They also covered the history of the flag, proper flag presentation, and how to fold the American flag.

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